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Chad Miller shared this problem 7 years ago

I have a Freehand SQL View and I changed it to add more columns. When I try to add the columns I get an error as seen in Pic1. Logs are attached also

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I see there is already a ticket open for this problem under "Moving fields between categories errors".


Hi Chad,

Unfortunately, Freehand SQL views (like reports) are more immutable than their drag and drop counterparts. In order to add a field, the entire view will need to undergo validation a second time, which means that anything created on top of the original validation will be broken because the content it is getting replaced. Since Yellowfin does not delete records, opting instead to create new view and report entries within the database, the newly validated view will have a new ID and cannot be easily linked to everything that the old ID was.

The ticket you have referenced is slightly different but refers to the same concept. For now your best bet will be to export this content, change the view, then import the content back on top of the new view. As with my other suggestion, I would also look into creating this as a drag and drop view so that any future changes do not require this.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.



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