Add Assisted Insights functionality for Freehand SQL Views

Dean shared this idea 2 years ago
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Is it a prerequisite to create views using single or multiple tables to enable the assisted insights feature? According to my tests, this option is not available when using freehand SQL to retrieve data, however, creating a db view using the same SQL statement and creating a Yellowfin view off the db copy activates that option once enabled.

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Hi Dean,

Thanks for jumping on the call earlier and showing me this. I can indeed replicate this.

Here's my report built on a standard View:


If I build a Freehand SQL View with just a simple SELECT * FROM db statement and enable Automated Insights, then create a report based on that, I can't get the Auto Analyse option:


Though you can see the report output is identical.

That said, I've spoken to the dev team on this and discovered the following:

"Unfortunately, Assisted Insights are only available for simple Drag and Drop views. They are not supported for Freehand SQL views, reports with advanced sub-queries, or views with OLAP datasources."

This info has been added to our Assisted Insights Wiki entry under the Limitations header, which you can find here.

I've also gone ahead and logged an enhancement request for this. Any potential updates will be posted here.