Ability to identify if a data source is down programatically

Sagar Vavhal shared this idea 3 years ago
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We've had some cases where a data source goes down, however we weren't notified until days later, and all that was needed was a user to go in and 'test' the data source connection to bring it back online.

We're after a way to programmatically identify if a data source gets flagged as 'unavailable' so we can put triggers in place for next action.


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Hi Guys,

At the moment when a data source is flagged as unavailable, that information is stored in-memory and will be visible via the UI, though not via the DB. You will also see some errors within the logs themselves stating it was flagged as unavailable , though I understand neither of those 2 scenarios can really help with programmatically identifying and help with self-repair.

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