Ability to hide report names from dashboard portlets

Peter Flinn shared this idea 2 years ago
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Has this happened yet? I wld also like to see the ability to hide the report names in the dasbboard as part of any new functrionality. This leaves them looking less cluttered.

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Hi Peter,

The dashboard layouts have not happened yet, though they are actively being worked on for version 8 released later this year.

I have also raise an enhancement for this, to be looked at for the same release, which should be doable.

As usual, once we have updates we will let everyone know, as we are aware many people want dashboard format flexibility.

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!




As of 9.1 Dashboard names will hide with Canvas Dashboard, and will display with Static Dashboard layouts.

This idea still stands as a way to configure the ability to either hide/show repor tnames on a dashboard, irrespective of dashboard layout style.