Ability to deactivate grouped data cell connection

Veronika Lackner shared this idea 14 months ago
Idea Logged

When you export a cross-Table into excel the grouped data are connected and centered.

So you are not able to go ahead and work with this data. You always have to disable the connected and centered Cells first.

Is there a way to deactivated this standard-function of connecting the cells?


It would be very good if the client would be able to say if he wants to duplicates the data or not.

Like in the normal table-report with the “suppress duplicates”. Is there already a feature to see the “M” in all cells?

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Hi Veronika,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your idea. I have gone ahead and created an enhancement request for this functionality on your behalf. This ticket has been attached to the task, and your organization listed as an affected client. Updates to the task will be provided here as they are available. I will mark this as Idea Logged for now; feel welcome to reply here with further related inquiries.