7.4.8 - Changing data source on views

jamese shared this problem 5 years ago

There is an issue we are experiencing with this release.

It seems you now have the option of changing data source when editing a view.

In our multi-organisation set up, it seems like our clients can change the data source to our default orgs data source (Demo) even though it's not available in their organisation. Multiple clients have accidental done this, and then once they've done it they can no longer edit the view.

I have gone to edit the view in our Default org, which it allows me to do, but there is no option to change the Data source when i'm editing it now, so I can't change it back to allow them access to the view once more.

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Hi James,

Yes you're right, that's new feature in 7.4.8 (although to be precise, it's actually an old feature that used to be available in 7.2 that somehow fell through the cracks in subsequent versions, so we brought it back in for 7.4.8 due to popular demand), and I have been able to replicate the issue you describe! So I have raised a defect so that it gets fixed.

And until it gets fixed, there is a workaround that I have tested for you, and it's not so tricky, so long as you have Update access to your Yellowfin database.

1) Find out the source ID of the original client org Data Source by running the following query:

FROM ReportViewSource 
WHERE SourceName = '<insert client org Data Source name here>'

2) Update the View to point back to the old client org data source rather than the default org data source by running the following update query:

UPDATE ReportView 
SET SourceID = <insert client org data source ID here>
WHERE ViewDescription = <insert view name here>
And then for this modification to take effect you'll either have to restart Yellowfin, or if you'd like to avoid a restart, then click the Clear View Cache button on the info_cache_enhanced.jsp utility that you can find attached to the following Knowledge Base article:


Also, as we remind all of our clients who are going to modify their Yellowfin database by the back end....please remember to back it up immediately beforehand!

Thanks for alerting us to this bug, and apologies for the inconvenience caused by it.



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