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Have you checked the Yellowfin Community Forum? It is a great resource and may already have a documented answer to your question. If not, why not ask the wider community? That’s if you’d rather reach out to use directly, we can still help. In order to help us get this answered as efficiently as possible, here is some useful information to include in your request.

  1. Detailed information about your request. Do you need to include some screenshots, or link to external articles? Anything at all that is going to help us get you the answer with our very first response.
  2. Environment Details. Please provide an export of your system information, along with any information that might be related such as hosted vs local install etc..
  3. Additional Info. Anything that you may have already tried, or places you’ve already searched etc..really anything that might be useful for us to know.

We look forward to working with you on your request.

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