Raising a problem

Running into unexpected behaviour or just a straight up error?

A problem covers any type of product error, or something that just does not seem right. This could refer to a misaligned header, incorrect calculation, LDAP binding groups not pulling in right members.

This does not cover data related problems, anything relating to data best-practice, please raise a question.

We got you!

The Yellowfin Services team is here to help guide you through this with the aim of restoring normal operations asap. In order to assist us hit the ground running, please provide the following information;

1.Illustration of the problem. Screenshots, screen-recordings, error in logs etc..

2. Information on how the problem presents itself. Aka. Steps on how you get to the problem

3. Problem history. When did this first occur?

4. Environment details. Please provide an export of your system information

5. Yellowfin logs. Please compress a copy of your \Yellowfin\appserver\logs and upload to ftp.yellowfin.bi renamed to match your case ID (or anything relevant).

6. Additional Info. Anything you’ve noticed/tried in relation to this problem that you think is worth of mention.

We look forward to working with you on your request.

The Yellowfin Services Team

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