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We are currently running YF 7.3+ in a virtual environment on Hyper-v.

The YF infrastructure consists of:

2 x VM - HAProxy Load Balancer running on Ubuntu 16.04

2 x VM - YF 7.3+ running on Ubuntu 16.04

1 x VM - MySQL running on Ubuntu 16.04

Above is currently supporting roughly 20-30 concurrent users.

We have just signed a new customer, and in February 2018, 300 new users will have access to our portal.

Since our current Hyper-v cluster is almost maxed out resource wise, we have added a 2 new physical servers, in order to isolate our YF infrastructure.

The initial thought, was to deploy a HA Cluster with linux containers based on LXC and continue to use 2 x HAProxy, 2 x YF 7.4 (clustered) and 1 x MySQL (configuration database).

My questions:

- Do you have any experience with the performance of YF running in LXC.

- Is MqSQL still a viable choice performance wise, considering the increase in users.

- Do you have any performance recommendations in regards to the configuration of tomcat (clustered) and MqSQL (if this is the choice)

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Jan Bothmann

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Hello Jan,

Thanks for reaching out with your questions.

While I don't have personal experience in running YF on LXC, I don't see any potential concerns that would prompt me to suggest not to.

MySQL is definitely still a viable choice, as the Database Load against the YF Config DB is fairly low.

The main tuning recommendation to consider when configuring your Tomcat cluster is the JVM Max Memory. You'll want to monitor your Yellowfin memory usage and bump it up as necessary. Since this can vary, you can use our home-grown memory profiler tool to build a graph of memory usage over time. Note that this tool can't run against a self-signed cert.

I don't have any MySQL tuning recommendations as it pertains to the Configuration Database, however if you encounter any quirks don't hesitate to let us know.

Does this help?




Hi Ryan,

Thank you, we will give it a go on LXC then.




Hi Jan,

Thanks for the reply. Feel free to share your results here! I'm interested to hear more about it. I'll go ahead and mark this as Answered, but feel free to comment back at any time.