Yellowfin is able to connect to SAP BW v. 7.5?

Yhair Delgado Cruz shared this question 5 years ago

Nice day

I hereby communicate with you to request your support to know the following:

1.- Is the Yellowfin capable of connecting to an SAP BW V7.5 source?

2.- If yes, how would it be possible to connect to the source?

3. What driver would you need to be able to view SAP BW data?

4.- Would you need something else to make the connection?

In advance I appreciate the attention and I look forward to your response.

Thank you!

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Hi Hair,

Hope you had a good weekend. Please see answers below:

1. Yes.

SAP BW is a datasource that

we support via our XML/A OLAP connection.

2. See attached guide on connection to OLAP via XMLA

Yes the guide is old, but the info is still relevant.

3. We include and shop with the Olap4j driver.

4. You just need to setup the XMLA connection via your system, and then use those details in the YF data source.

However, we are aware of a client also using a layer called BEx cube to connect to.

Please let us know how it all goes.




Good morning, David.

Thank you For the Czech response the information you just provided and I will tell you.

Thank you very Much


No problems :)

Let us know how it all goes.