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YangyangCai shared this idea 6 years ago

Hi Team,

Our team is looking for the wiki page for YF Database. We would like to know the description for each table and each column.

For example, based on the maintenance work we did previously, we use reportformat, reportheader, reportsoucefilter, ipclass, etc quite often.

Everytime when we have a new request we cannot be done on dashboard, we always ask for back-end solution, which also takes your support team's time to address them for us.

Much appreciate if your team could provide users wiki page for YF DB, then it will be win-win solution for us.



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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for submitting this. We have considered creating something of this sort several times but have always decided against it.

Changing and removing values from the configuration database can be useful in certain situations, but also has a high potential to cause irreversible damage to an instance (which would require a restore). Due to this high potential, and the inherent complexity of the configuration database, we do not officially support making changes to this.

If we place this on the Wiki, it becomes accessible in the same means that chart building is and at some level encourages clients to explore the configuration database.

I think that having this documentation around would be a good idea, but I think that it would be counter productive to make this publicly available, without specifically requesting it.

Please let me know if this makes sense!



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