Why is dashboard export to excel removed from Yellowfin 9?

Siim Neljandik shared this question 19 days ago
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In Yellowfin 8 there is the capability to export dashboards to Excel, while in YF9 that feature was removed, even on non-canvas dashboards. Is there an ETA for this feature returning? It is preventing us from upgrading environments to YF9

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Hey Siim,

I hope you are well!

I cannot say exactly why exporting to XLSX was removed from V9, however, I can confirm that it is true, this was removed & only exporting to PDF is available in V9.

We do have an enhancement task logged with the development team to reintroduce the other export format options - Linked here is the Idea post as well.

I have gone ahead and added Raintree as another client who would like this feature reintroduced.

All further updates regarding this feature will be posted in the idea post linked above (but just to let you know, this has been roadmap approved, so it's a case of when, not if.) :)

Please let me know if you have any further questions about this :)

Best Wishes,