Which DB table can provide SQL query for certain report?

Steven Sun shared this question 3 years ago

Hi Team,

May I if there is a database table from backend which can provide the SQL query of each report?

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Hi Simon,

Thank you for the prompt response!

I think I can locate the SQL now in the backend.

May I know why for some report, there is no SQL tab of the information module? I attached one example.

which kind of report I cannot check the SQL from Yellowfin frontend?

Thanks and regards


Hi Simon,

Please confirm if my understanding is correct or not.

We can only get the SQL script of certain report after running it for at least once from frontend;

at backend, some reports were encrypted, that's why SQLtext shows null? If so, May I know how to encrypt the report SQL?

Thank you!


Hi Simon,

I think I'm clear with this part now, much appreciate your patient explanation?

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