When there is an "Error retrieving results"...show us the SQL

Stephen Johnson shared this idea 3 years ago

When I am building a report and my SQL executes correctly, Yellowfin provides a handy "View SQL" button that shows me exactly what SQL is being run against my database.


When I am building a report and something is not working correctly with the query, suddenly this button is gone! Being able to see the SQL query when it's not working correctly is actually way more useful to me than when it is working. Can you please address this? A simple fix would be to have that button there at all times.


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Hi Stephen,

Thank you for reaching out. There's already an existing Idea ticket for this. I've gone ahead and added you to the client list in our internal tracking system of those in favor of implementing this particular enhancement. I'm going to mark this Completed as this would then be a duplicate. Please reference our existing Idea here for potential future updates.