When export and import views between client organizations the fields categories keep shared!

Javi Papell shared this problem 7 years ago

We are facing with an issue when trying to import views between different client organizations, the problem lies on the way Yellowfin manage the fields categories within this process.

As per our understanding, field categories are isolated between client organizations, so I have totally independent fields categories between my several client organizations. It is right if I manage client organizations manually (adding them through administration area), however we have realized that if we export a view and import into a different client organization, this process creates the corresponding fields categories automatically but they keep linked to the original ones, It can be checked just deleting the new view and trying to delete one new field category, if you do that the system shows an error message indicating that it can't be deleted because some fields keep joined to that field category, even if we have already deleted the view.

Note that it is possible to modify the name of the new field categories and this change is not reflected into the original field categories, really weird behavior!!

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Hi Javi,

I am closing this topic as we already got a ticket opened.

Please let me know if this is alright.




OK, I'll chase the issue with the opened ticket.

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