Web.xml file should include all options such as timeout and internal cache options

Tarun Pandey shared this idea 3 years ago
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We recently came across an issue with internal caches and had to increase this by using this article: https://community.yellowfinbi.com/knowledge-base/article/yellowfin-internal-cache-options

However, this required us to add in the parameters are they simply weren't there. We also ran across the same thing when modifying user-session timeouts.

Can we get Yellowfin to ship with all parameters that are available, and simply have them set at the default value? This way we can easily modify accordingly without worrying about breaking the file, or searching for tech articles that explain the parameters.

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Hi Tarun,

This is a good idea and should be reviewed as part of our release planning which I'll pass along.I'll let you know once I have an update, though at this point in time I cannot provide an ETA.



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