Web Service User Segregation From UI

Gifty Baah-Kpabitey shared this problem 5 years ago

Can we implement a method to exclude Web Service accounts from logging in natively to Yellowfin?

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out with your issue. I've logged this as a Defect for review by our Development Team and will keep this post updated with further information regarding this.

Presently it's possible to create a Web Service "Service Account" in the following way:

  1. Create a new role specifically for your Web Service user.
  2. In the Role Settings enabled the following items:3222cfb09e0b14538daf155a22a7fad5
  3. Create a Web Service user account that will be used for your API calls and assign it to this role.
  4. In the event the user is logged in natively, they will see the following:dfb812e50fb458c160d29e32b36b6f08

In regards to the full segregation as mentioned in your original post, I will keep this topic updated.



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