Web service call to create views

Ajinkya shared this idea 5 years ago
Not Planned

There are currently web-service calls to add columns to views, but none to define the view itself.

Would it be possible for Yellowfin to expand their web-services to include greater view manipulation?

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Hi Ajinkya,

Apologies for the delayed response on this.

Technically everything is possible with a bit of work, though whether or not it happens is a different story ;) .

At this point in time we have no plans on supporting view creation via web services. Though have logged the idea none the less.

However, it's worth nothing that I know with a bit of export/import magic, you can probably get what you want. It's by no means not an easy task and requires a large amount of dev work on your end, but I've seen clients do it...the real question is, is it worth it?

Sorry for the bad news on this.



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