Web-service add members to content folder

Stephen Short shared this idea 4 years ago

To go along with INCLUDEUSERINGROUP it would be nice if we had a function to add members (users/groups) to content folders.

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For a bit more around this, ideally there would be a function to update access level for including / excluding groups from a specified content folder.

For example, something like:ADDGROUPACCESSTOCONTENT - Given a group ID & a content folder ID, add access to a specified folder.

REMOVEGROUPACCESSTOCONTENT - Given a group ID & content folder ID, remove access to specified folder.

Ideally this could work with updating access for private folders at the parent organization with user groups from child organizations, as is possible through normal user access workflows. If functions like these existed in the admin web services, I think it would be a huge plus for increasing integration possibilities.


- Stephen


Hi Stephen,

Just wanted to let you know that this task has now been completed and included in the latest 9.4 release. Change logs for the release are here.

For details on how to use the new parameter please check our wiki here: Web Services

Please let me know how it all goes post update, and of course reach out if you have any questions on this.