Using a Filter Value in Broadcast Email Subject and File Name

Emma Urli shared this idea 2 months ago
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I want the ability to use a filter value in the Email Subject and potentially the file attached (PDF, Excel, etc). This would be particularly useful when using the Advanced Broadcast option, as I have 100's of email addresses which receive a specific filter value all setup within a single broadcast job. Attached example of how we could utilise string replacement tags to solve this.

As an Administrator, I have myself setup to receive these same broadcasts however without opening every email and checking the attachment, I have no way to know which email is for which client. A client may contact me to ask a question about the broadcast and it's very difficult to find which email they received.

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Hi Emma,

Could you explain the output a little more for me? Do you mean you have a report with existing filters configured and you want to use a tag system to pull the filter results through and also help with naming the attached file?

I suppose a workaround for now could be to use multiple broadcast jobs, but if I'm understanding your request properly, then I can see how integrated tags could be useful. If that's the case then I'll go ahead and create an enhancement request.

Kind regards,



Hi Chris,

Yes so a simple example could be a report with a Invoice Date filter. I setup a weekly broadcast with the filter Invoice Date = Maximum (so it's dynamic and always selects the latest date). Using a string replacement tag [Filter:InvoiceDate] to customise the Email Subject to dynamically include the Max Invoice Date (eg. Sales Report as at 19 Nov 2020) at the time of sending broadcast.

It would also be great if the file name had the same flexibility, not just for dates but any filter.

We are working around it at the moment, but it's a lot of admin and maintenance for the client. Please raise as an enhancement request for future releases.




Hi Emma,

Thanks, that's been added as a Jira task for a future enhancement!

This ticket will be updated with any further developments.

Kind regards,Chris