User option to configure filter loading: dynamic/static loading

Bill Perrello shared this idea 3 years ago
Not Planned

For Left Side Nav cached filters on a Dashboard tab (7.3 onwards), the filter values are loaded incrementally rather than all at once. So if you want to go straight to the bottom of a large list of filter values, you will have to drag the scroll bar down a few times to get there.

Please give the user the option to decide how to load the Left Side Nav cached filter values on a Dashboard Tab: all at once or incrementally.

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Hi Bill,

Yup, that was one of the requirements for the left side nav filters, to load small amounts at a time.

If you need to load the entire list at once, just used a cached filter, and have it display Left/Top.


At this point in time we're not planning on changing the left side nav spec, however if we get enough demand for it, we can revisit the request.

Apologies for the bad news Bill!