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Drew Heilman shared this idea 5 years ago
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Can we add a user count notification that will inform administrators when they are nearing their license user cap?

An example use case would be partners who manage client instances and have no visibility as to their current user count. An email notification would help them identify user limitations before breaches and prevent a lot of reactionary headache and customer downtime.

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Hi Drew,

Thanks for submitting this Idea. I've logged this for review by our Development Team.

In the meantime it's possible to set up a broadcast against the Configuration Database as a work around. Using the 'Yellowfin Usage Audit' View, one could create a report with a Count Distinct aggregation against the 'User ID' field. This report could then be configured to broadcast to the Administrator at a specified interval.

You can download the Audit Content package for the View above here. Note that this download requires YF version 7.4 or higher. This also requires a Data Source against the Configuration Database be configured to import the content.

While the above isn't a direct solution, it should help provide some form of monitoring while this Idea is being reviewed.



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