User Access Report - "inactive" or "disabled" date

Daryle Dowell shared this question 1 year ago


We are being asked to create a user access report for an upcoming security audit. Is there a field in the Yellowfin Configuration database that represents the user access active and inactive date? They want to know when we switch users from active to inactive. I tried using the profile last update field in the PERSON table but it is null for all users. Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hi Daryle,

I've had a good look and the active/inactive timestamp isn't specifically recorded in the Yellowfin database, the closest thing would be that when you change the active/inactive status of a user a record is created in the Event table, however, this record doesn't actually say anything about ACTIVATE or INACTIVATE, it has the EventTypeCode = REGISTRATION, and the EventCode = EDITUSER, it's got a GMTDateTime column and the EventData says:


But the problem is, if you edit anything of a user's profile (i.e. preferred language, timezone, preferred entry page etc.) you will get exactly the same type of record as the above one which I got for setting a user to be inactive, so unfortunatley it's not possible to differentiate between the different types of EDITUSER events.