Upgrade yellowfin on AWS instance

Mark Boon shared this question 2 days ago
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I am trying to update our AWS instance to the latest version. I am getting a number of errors.

1. 8.0.5 upgrade does not support my version

2. 7.4 upgrade does run but generates errors in the attached screen grab.

Can you help, please?

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Which version of Yellowfin are you currently on? If you are on 7.2, please note that you will need to be on Yellowfin 7.2.18 - build 20180711 before you can proceed to any higher version. To get through to 8.0.5 you may need to go to 7.3 first as well.

Your Yellowfin version and build number can be found by appending /info.jsp to your Yellowfin URL (eg http://localhost:8080/info.jsp). Please let me know how this goes and if I can provide any further assistance.