Upgrade error from 7.2 (build 20160926) to 7.3+

Mike Bushman shared this problem 6 years ago

Upgrading from 7.2 (build 20160926) to 7.3+ has given me several problems:

1. I have 109,000 rows in "reportfieldtemplate" table and it is updating the "DimensionTypeCode" column on each row individually which is taking HOURS.

2. When #1 finally finishes, an alter statement to add "ScheduleUUID" column to "taskschedule" table occurs for a 2nd time and the installer quits.

I have tried this twice on a backup of my database and had the exact same results each time... after waiting HOURS.

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Hello Mike,

Due to a large amount of database changes in the back-end of Yellowfin we are going to suggest a staged upgrade approach.

First, backup you yellowfin directory and database!

Next, upgrade to the latest 7.2 version available from our website.

once installed, verify that this version is working as expected and make another backup

Repeat for the latest version of 7.3 and finally 7.3+

I hope this is of help, I know it's a pain to do this staged approach but it's the path to best functionality.

Best regards,


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