Universal fields and metrics that map to different customised Client Org fields

Brendan Codrington shared this idea 3 years ago
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I would like to raise an idea to enable a way to set up standard fields/metrics in a view (replicated across client orgs or in a parent org view) which can then be mapped per client org to their customised fields.

Eg I have a standard % Females Applied field, and client org A uses field APP: Gender, answer ‘Female’, client org B uses field Gender App, answer ‘Female’ etc. Like usage parameters for a parent org source but at a field level.

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Hi Simon, I think it's similar to what you're thinking, and yes it is like the parameter but a layer down at the field level.

Like I map the parent org data source to each client org data source, I could then have a list of standard fields, that are used in the parent org views and at the parent org level which I then map to fields in each client's data source, or a calculated field using each client's data source.

Eg (at a very simplified level) I have a list of standard fields in the parent org: Sport Location; Favourite Sport; Sport Rank; Number of Participants.

  • Client Org A: mapped to their data fields MySportLocation; MyBestSport; SportRankings; CountDistinct(ParticipantID).
  • Client Org B: mapped to their data fields Town; TopSport; SportsNumbered; CountDistinct CASE WHEN Sport IS NOT NULL THEN PlayerID END.

Doing this then allows me to build reports at the parent level using the standard fields that then pick up each client's field/definition when that client runs it.

Does that help?

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