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Craig Dubin shared this idea 20 months ago
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Hey there,

Just submitting an idea for the administration page. We find ourselves regularly running queries against the ActiveSession table. I created a report and dumped it into a System Admin folder. But it'd be really nice if something like that showed up on the Administration page, since users are managed there too.

Here's the query, and see screenshot of report:

concat(i.LastName,', ',i.FirstName) as 'UserName', 	
a.CreationTime as StartSession, 		
a.DeletionTime as SessionTimeout, 		
cast(datediff(ss, getdate(), a.DeletionTime)*1.0/3600 as int),'h', 		cast(round((datediff(ss, getdate(), a.DeletionTime)*1.0%3600)/60,0) as int),'m', datediff(ss, getdate(), a.DeletionTime)%3600%60,'s') as TimeRemaining 
from yfapp.dbo.activesession a 
join yfapp.dbo.Person i on i.IpPerson=a.EntityId 
order by 2

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Hi Craig,

That sounds like a useful addition to me. I'll raise it as an enhancement request with the developer team.

Kind regards,


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