Sub query broken in a single draft after view was edited

Siim Neljandik shared this problem 3 years ago
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After a view was edited the sub query in a draft is broken. When opened it prompted the "sub query incomplete" error and the sub query join was missing the field. When the sub query was fixed, no data was being pulled from the sub query. After the draft is saved, the sub query is rebroken.

The same sub query is working correctly in other reports so it is not a direct problem with it.

When I edit the report this draft was created from, everything is working correctly.



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Happened again on a different report that is using the same appended view


I could recreate the bug by

1)User A edits a report that has a sub query

2)User B clones and saves said sub query view

3) The sub query part of the draft is broken

Said sub query was on a different data connection than the main query.


Hi Siim,

thank you for giving the steps to replicate this issue. I followed them and was able to reproduce the problem so I have now raised product defect YFN-11830 so that it gets fixed.

Thanks for alerting us to this issue, and apologies for the inconvenience caused by it.