Special character in filtervalue breaks our query

Mirthe shared this problem 2 years ago

I have an example where we use a filter which has a value with a special character.

The filtervalue is 'FPL Financiële Zorg', the special character being 'ë'. When we apply that filter on our report in Yellowfin, no results are returned. In our Thrift UI we can see the query. It seems that Yellowfin translates the special character incorrect, as the filtervalue in our query is as following: U&'FPL Financi\00EBle Zorg'.

We would like to hear some thoughts on this. Is there something we are doing wrong?

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Hi Mirthe,

I think what may be happening here is based on the JDBC driver and/or Java.

I have run a few tests in 9.7 using that value, see results below:

-Using full name in filter returns the row


-Using only the ë in a 'contains' filter also returns the correct row:


Is there something I'm missing? Or does this stem from the database/driver/java/version of Yellowfin? If this is the case can you please provide that information so I can re-test.




How did it all go?

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