Signals - 'consider using a date field with correct granularity message' in UI instead of just logs

Richard Wolters shared this idea 3 years ago
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Here you can see in the catalina.out what happens if we run a signal. We receive a lot of these:

[Background] [TASK_RUNNER] Duplicate entry found for 2019-09-01. In-memory aggregation is required. This can affect system performance, consider using a date field with correct granularity.
This occurs when there's a mismatch between the granularity of the field at the View-level vs. the selected granularity in the Signal setup.

For example, if you have Invoiced Date at the View level and its default Chart Granularity set to Week:


But set the corresponding fields' Date Granularity to say 'Month' in the Signals setup:


You'll then see this message.

From a user’s perspective however one could argue that if a granularity mismatch is causing issues, either a warning should displayed or the option to set the granularity in the signal definition should not appear at all.

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for submitting this Idea. I've gone ahead and logged an internal enhancement request for this for further consideration from the Product Team.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.



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