Set up Drill Downs in Report Builder

Zack Wilson shared this idea 14 months ago
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I, as I am sure others, would appreciate the ability to configure Drill Down Hierarchies in the Report Builder. Rather than the View alone.

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Hi Zack,

Thanks for your idea. I have gone ahead and raised this as an Enhancement on your behalf, where I believe having the ability to create Drill Down hierarchies on a Report by Report basis could be beneficial to the wider Community. I imagine that this could work in the same way that Calculated Fields do, where you can define a field in the View that can be accessed by all Reports, or you can create a field in an individual Report that is contained to that Report. This means that you could define different Drill hierarchies for different Reports, and also have a main hierarchy defined in the View.

Let me know if that describes the functionality you are after, so I can clarify details with the Enhancement Task.

Otherwise, if I've understood the request correctly, I will get in contact with you with any updates to the process.

Kind regards,




That is exactly what I was thinking!