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Ryan Carrie shared this idea 5 years ago

Can we implement the ability to upgrade a Database only or filesystem only?

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As of 7.3.13 and 7.4.7 and higher we have implemented this ability.

Pre-requisite if coming from an older version:

INSERT INTO Configuration (IpOrg, ConfigTypeCode, ConfigCode, ConfigData) VALUES (1, 'BUILD', 'SCHEMAVERSION', '20180412');
INSERT INTO Configuration (IpOrg, ConfigTypeCode, ConfigCode, ConfigData) VALUES (1, 'BUILD', 'SCHEMARELEASE', '7.3');

You should first check for the existence of these records. If they do not exist, run the INSERT queries substituting these with the information found in your system information, where 'SCHEMAVERSION' will be your Build and 'SCHEMARELEASE' will be your Application Version. These can be found by visiting 'Administration' > 'System Information'.

Upgrading Database Only

To perform a Database only upgrade you will need the following parameters:

  • jdbcUser - The user name used for connecting to the Yellowfin Configuration Database
  • jdbcPassword - The password used for the above user
  • jdbcURL - The fully formed JDBC Connection URL. This can be taken from your <YellowfinInstall>/appserver/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/web.xml file.

You must use the .jar upgrader for this process and issue a command such as:

java -jar yellowfin-20180402-update.jar -silent option.upgrade=database jdbcUser=yellowfin jdbcPassword=password jdbcURL=jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/yellowfin_74_master
This will upgrade the database without altering the filesystem (installation folder).

Using a Custom JDBC Driver For Database Only

In cases where the JDBC Driver used for the above connection is not provided in the standard Yellowfin Upgrader, one can issue a command such as:

java -cp mysql-connector-java-5.1.25-bin.yellowfin-20180402-update.jar com.hof.patch.PatchInstaller -silent option.upgrade=database <jdbcOptions>
where mysql-connector-java-5.1.25-bin.jar would reflect your JDBC file and <jdbcOptions> is reflective of those in the Database Only section.

Filesystem Only Upgrade (Installation Folder)

The following command can be issued to upgrade only the filesystem.

java -jar update.jar -silent installdir="YFPath" option.upgrade=filesystem
where "YFPath" reflects an absolute path to the Yellowfin Installation folder.

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