Separate the Dashboard Management role permission

Corinne Kelly shared this idea 10 months ago
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Currently when enabling 'Configuration' in the role permission functions, this will enable the following features -

  • Admin Console (though this is an empty page unless further permissions are provided for the contained features)
  • Configuration
  • Content Settings
  • Images & Maps
  • Email Template
  • Session Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Dashboard Management

The enhancement request is to -

Separate the Dashboard Management Role permission as its own function, to solely enable this feature for users to have access to, without allowing access to the other features.

Reason -

To be able to allow users to access the dashboard management page, but not access the configuration, content setting, images & maps, Email Template, session management & schedule management - as this would be more access than wanted for the users.


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Hey Corinne,

I hope you are well! :)

I have gone ahead and raised this idea request to the development team & I have added the development task ID to this community Idea, so I can track and update you when I receive updates regarding this idea!

I will go ahead and mark this as 'Idea Logged' - I hope thats ok :)

Best Wishes,



Thanks Lesley :)

It's greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Corinne