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Itamar Steinberg shared this idea 6 years ago
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Is there a way to change / add to the name of the file (pdf) a parameter from the data?

for example, if I filter dynamically the team to send for each team manager report of his team.

to have a number of the team added to the report name?

for example: report name: daily sales

the report will be sent to team number 10 . with the name:

daily sales 10.pdf

the report will be sent to team number 20 . with the name:

daily sales 20.pdf


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Hi Itamar,

Thanks for sending this in. Currently, this is something that is not possible within Yellowfin. However, I can definitely see the potential use case for it. I'm going to go ahead and convert this from a Ticket to an Idea so that the rest of the Community can vote on it before it goes before our product planning team. Hopefully they are able to put this on the roadmap somewhere!




Hi Itamar,

just letting you know that I've found a pre-existing Enhancement Request (YFN-412) for what you are requesting, so I have added your name & company to the request alongside the other clients because this will give the request more weight when the product team are considering what to prioritise.



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