Save to Disk - Ability to pass filter file and rename reports based on filter used

Abhijit Jadhav shared this idea 3 years ago
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We have a requirement for Report bursting along with the Save to Disk feature provided in 8.0.6. Please find the scenario we would like to address in an illustration below:

A wildcard for the filter values that can be used to burst out reports. . For instance If we have a filter.key of BUSSINESS_SYSTEM and multiple business system (BS1,BS2,BS3). We would like 3 separate reports, one for BS1 with only BS1’s data, one for BS2 with only BS2’s data, and one for BS3 with only BS3’s data. Also can these files get named according to COGNOS naming convention. <ReportName>-en-us-<Burst/filter.value Criteria>.xls (Example. Inventory-en-us-BS1.xls)

KIndly review it and let us know if you have any further query or clarification required. We will be happy to help.

Thanks & Regards,


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Hey Abhiijt,

What you're describing is actually a function of Yellowfin (minus the file naming convention) called Access Filters

When you broadcast a report to a Yellowfin user, it will broadcast only showing data available for that user.

You are also able to use a recipient report that returns a list of emails + filter values which can be used to pipe into the broadcast for sending out.

The only thing we don't have here is the ability to configure the filename as Cognos.

Though in saying this, that seems to be a minor difference when parrying up the rest of the functionality.


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