SAML Bridge - Specify the Client Org for Auto Provisioning

Bogdan Kiselitsa shared this idea 1 year ago
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We are setting up SSO with the SAML Bridge from the YF Marketplace, which works fine (thanks, sure saved me some time!). However, we are currently unable to enable the Auto Provision function with our multi-tenanted deployment.

It seems like new users are created automatically in the Default Client Org, and there is no option to change that-- only to set the default roles. Conversely, in Yellowfin it's not possible to add a Role to a Client Org, only specific People or an LDAP group.

For various reasons, it make sense to deploy one SAML Bridge per tenant, so this can be resolved by adding the Client Ref ID as as setting in the web.xml file.



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Hi Bodgan,

After chatting with the devs over here, this sounds like a feasible request, so I've gone ahead and raised a tasked to be reviewed by the product team in the future.

However, the ability to add users to an org based on role, has been added as a different idea here ,

Please let me know if you have any questions on this.