Run Custom queries using upgrade installer

Lahane, Vishal shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Mahesh,

Here is scenario, In action.silentfailondowngrade only upgrade we don't ask any input from user but yellowfin is intelligent so that he read's password from web.xml and it has decryption algorithm in place. But In our case if we wanted to execute some custom sql queries which respect with database values.

Example: for example we have smart_reporting config table there we have build.version has value 9.1.06 but we wanted to update value of other row based on this value then we need to check build.version value and then create custom query based on this value and update the row i.e display.version 1808 something like this.

this one use case.



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Hi Vishal,

Thank you.

I have logged an enhancement request internally.

We will update you once this is implemented.



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