Restore unblock user feature in the User Administation UI

Mark Whitehead shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Yellowfin,

In 7.1, there used to be a feauture/button, which could simply unblock a locked user account, however in 8.0 we have no such ability other than reseting their password.

Can we please consider putting this back as not only is this a useful option, but a good indicator that the account is blocked.

Thank you,


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Hi Mark

Thanks for reaching out with your suggestion. I've logged this as an Idea for an Enhancement Request. Before becoming a request, ideas will be reviewed by our Product Team and chosen for Enhancements based on feasibility, level of positive impact to the user experience, and votes from the community. This post will be updated with any future information relevant to this process.




Note - this functionality still exists for LDAP users (of course - as you cant reset a Password for someone authentication via LDAP)

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