Request to provide answers for 2 questions.

Siva Ramakrishna shared this question 6 years ago

Hi Team,

Request you to please solve the below queries ASAP.

1. Report are executed in a dashboard, even if the report should ask for parameter.

2. The Users deleted but still appear in groups. Why?

Thanking you,


Siva Ramakrishna

Temenos Bangalore

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Hi Siva,

I'll most likely need to gather some more info from you to assist further, but I'll provide some info which should be a good place for us to start.

1. Mandatory filters will stop reports from running without first applying a filter value. abd0c271ae4c5e49bb232fa4238d16b7

2. Users should not appear in groups if deleted. What you're facing may be an issue in regards to an older release, or you could be using LDAP in which a group sync task needs to run in order to update the group user count. However keep in mind, no matter which way you look at it, a deleted user will never be able to log in.

Hope the above helps and would like to dig a bit deeper if this doesn't help. We would need to move this to a private ticket if we do.

In this case I would then need to get some specific info on your version of Yellowfin (you can shoot across your info.jsp for this), along with your dashboard/report/user group set up, along with anything else that you think would be important.



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