ReportInstanceID and ReportBroadcastResult data

Brendan Codrington shared this question 16 days ago

Hi, I'm looking for a way to connect the filter value applied to each advanced broadcast recipient in the metadata.

I can get the filter values applied to each instance from the reportinstancefilter table, and use the reportinstance table to connect that to the original reportid.

However, I can't find a corresponding value in the broadcast data and specifically the ReportBroadcastResult table to link the reportinstance to the broadcast result/recipient/runUUID/timestamp.

If I could, I'd be able to list each advanced broadcast recipient and the value they were filtered against for each broadcast run.

This could then be developed further to track which recipients have been matched per value and shouldn't receive the advanced broadcast when it runs again (for cases where they should only get it once).

Is there another table or way to connect broadcast result/recipient with reportinstanceID?



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Hi Brendan,

I think, if we use advanced broadcast where recipients email addresses are fetched from another report's column, YF would reference the ReportID (from which the recipients addresses are fetched) and fetch the records directly from data source (not from config db)


In the above example, I have my recipient email addresses in field called 'email' from report id 101595. As we can see that RecipientID value of ReportBroadcastRecipient table is the same report id (101595) but not the actual value of the 'email' field.

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Hi Deepak, thanks for having a look. It's not the email field in the recipient report that I'm looking for (given that value is captured in the ReportBroadcastResult table by virtue of the recipient email).

What I'm looking for is the associated reportinstanceID, for when the report ran for that specific recipient, so that I can see what filter values were applied for that recipient email address in the ReportInstanceFilter table. The value records are there. As an example:

Advanced broadcast result for a specific email and broadcast today:


Associated reportinstance record (I've isolated the instance manually from other records for the same reportID):


And the resulting filter value that was applied to that instance:


The challenge is to automatically connect the broadcast result and report instance so that the broadcast recipient and filter value can be reported on together. Timestamps don't work because they're in different zones and formats (server vs GMT) and I've seen multiple results with the same timestamp.

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Hi Brendan,

Unfortunately, we don't have a relation between ReportInstance table and ReportBroadcastResult table. So, I have created this as an internal request to add the ReportInstanceID to ReportBroadcastResult table. We can track the same in the idea post

I will mark this as answered and provide any updates to this request in the idea post created..

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