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I am building a report for a broadcast which has two filters in place, Iscurrentreportingweek & Islastreporttingweek. Just wondering is it possible to turn one of them true and other false for a particular today. For example on Tuesday morning broadcast, I would like to have IScurrentreportingweek set to False and Islastreportingweek set to true.

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Hi Shahul,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your question. Normally this type of broadcast would be achieved by having two individual broadcasts with individual filters and schedules set, but it sounds like you would like to have the option to customize filter values per weekday when configuring the broadcast? This might be a request the devs can look into implementing in a future version if so.




Thanks Eric,

   That is what I am looking for, let me know when you find anything from your dev team.




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Hi Shalhul,

Thanks for the reply here. I've gone ahead and created a developer task to look into this potential product functionality. Updates to the task will be provided here as they are available. I will in turn mark this thread as Idea Logged for now. Feel welcome to reply here with any related inquiries.



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