referencecode colour is not used correctly in chart

JeRoen shared this problem 5 months ago
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I use the option to define a colour in a referencecode to color the bars in a chart I am building.

It is a report showing values for a hospital (ziekenhuis in Dutch) and a benchmark. I have in a referencecode defined two colours.


Then I made a report in which I set this referencecode on a field that is showing just those 2 options.


In the vertical bar chart I set the colour to use the Niveau field mentioned above and then I select to use the reference colour.


In the background of the previous image you already see that the colours do not match as defined in the reference code in the first image.

The ziekenhuis colour looks fine but the benchmark colour is totally wrong.

There is another referencecode for a different customer with the same possible values but that is a french customer. So the values are Hôpital and Benchmark while for the reference code I use the possible values are Ziekenhuis and Benchmark.

It looks like when adding colour to the chart it searches for a defined value to colorize but over all referencecodes instead of only in the reference code you applied to the field in the data section of the report. And if it finds multiple values as in my case then it takes the last so it seems.

The color in the second reference code matches the color I see in the report. I changed the colour in the second referencecode (that I am not using in my report) and the changed colour is now visible in my report.

I use the vertial bar chart en horizontal bar charts in my report and those have this issue. The autochart does show the correct colour so there is no problem there but I do not have all the options I have when using vertial bar chart so using autochart is not a solution for me.

This is a rather urgent issue as we have different end-user demandig the use of differenct colour for there charts.

Please include a fix for this in the next patch update.

Kind regards,


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Hi JeRoen,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your issue.

It looks like the issue here is that the "Benchmark" reference code color is not applying as expected, in the case that it is defined differently in more than one place?

I actually had another client report this recently, and in my testing I had the same results - the "Auto-Chart" worked, but other charts did not.

Good news though, a fix has been found, and is scheduled to be released in the next upcoming version(s).

i will add you as an affected client to the task, and attach the task to this ticket. I'll mark this as Defect Logged For now, and let you know when the fix has been released here.




Hi JeRoen,

Just wanted to provide an update - developers have found a fix for this issue, and included it in recent release 7.4.12. It looks like you are looking for this in 8.0 version however, correct? In which case it should be included with 8.0.4, which should be out by year end.