Raster Map only shows lowest value and code for all regions

William Robertson shared this question 21 months ago

Hi there,

In order to create a Raster Map colour coded for the 12 provinces based on their spend, I've done the following:

1. Create Org Reference for my 12 Provinces using a ProvinceCode

2. Created an SVG map and named the ID, Label & Description values for each region within the SVG file (using InkScape) according to the ProvinceCode

3. Changed the format of the ProvinceCode field in the View, to be a ReferenceCode, using my Province Reference Type

The trouble now is that in my report, all 12 of my Provinces show the same Code, Colour and Value for one specific (Northern Cape), although only Northern Cape correctly displays its value.

In trying to understand why the Northern Cape Province is the only one that is displayed, it's worth mentioning that Northern Cape's spend value is the lowest of all 12.

I cannot establish why the other 11 Provinces all show the Northern Cape code and spend value, when the actual legend at the bottom correctly displays the range all the way up to the highest spend value.

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Hi William,

You didn't assign any colours to the map regions, please see the wiki link below for more information about it:


Please let me know how you get on with it.




Thanks David - it works now!

Admittedly I didn't/don't understand the relationship between updating my map's provinces with hex colour codes and using same in the Reference Code. Is the colour in the Reference code and the Colour on the map actually used as the relational link between the code and the image?

What I had done was to use InkScape to update the object ID and Label (using an SVG image) presuming that the Code field in the custom Reference Code would then be used to link to the different regions within my map.


that's great to hear it's working now William! And in fact, it seems like you do understand the relationship - the colour in the Reference code and on the map define the area and then that colour gets substituted with the new colour according to the measure.