R serve Advanced function is not available in YF version 8.0

sai krish shared this idea 4 years ago
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Hi Team,

I have trying to evaluate the advanced functions "Rserve", but i am unable to find it.

FYI, i have installed R plugin under admin console "plugin management" and installed R locally and ran Rserve required libraries.

Able to connect to Rserve at TransformationsFlows and when I try at advanced functions, i am unable to get it out.

Thanks in advance for doing the needful.

please find the attached screenshot for your reference.

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Hi Sai,

Thanks for reaching out. Rserve is not currently available as an Advanced Function, it is only found in the Transformation Flow.

That said, there is an internal existing enhancement request to expand this functionality to include Advanced Functions, but as of yet no publicly accessible Idea for external clients to track this. As such, I've gone ahead and changed this to an Idea item to track this further.

Any potential updates regarding this enhancement will be posted here.



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