Prevent cache filter refresh propagation from client orgs

Ingo Klose shared this idea 6 years ago

When using data source substitution, refreshing a cache filter will cause the filter to be refreshed for all client organizations.

When the filter queries become large, this can place a large strain on the instance causing performance declines.

Additionally, as the filter refresh queries can be quite large, enabling "cache filter on demand" is not a good option as the user's initial load time will be dramatically increased.

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We are facing the same issue here.

We are using "Data source substitution" for Yellowfin multiple organizations feature.

The views are created in the "default" org and the users in "child" organizations have read access to the views in order to create reports in the "child" organizations.

What I observed is that if a report is created in a "child" organization with a cached filter, the refresh will trigger the "refresh" for all the organizations (even just only one organization is using this cached filter). This behavior not only wastes lots of resources, also causes major performance issues for us.

We would like to have an ER that enable the cached filter refreshed only for the corresponding "child" organization.


Ping...any news on this idea?


Hi Ingo,

I've checked the status of this Idea's enhancement request (YFN-6530) and unfortunately there has been no movement on it yet.

However, other clients have since also asked for the same functionality as you described, so that will certainly add weight to the request.




Sounds is quite a burden if you run multiple client_orgs. I keep my fingers crossed that development feels it is worth to do something about it.




Good news for all who posted about this issue, this has been fixed in 7.4.6 and 7.3.12!

So if you download the latest upgrade installer then you'll find the issue resolved.

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