Possible Bug with Cached Filters & Sharing

Stephen Short shared this problem 6 years ago
Defect Fixed

So if you try to share a report with Current Values by:

1. Open a Report, apply filters

2. Click Share

3. Click on Link and ensure that 'Current Values' is set

The link generated will contain the correct filter information. However, because filters are cached and opening a report using Filter query parameters doesn't clear the cached filters, you can end up with filter combinations based on the last time you ran the report that shouldn't be applied.

To reproduce:

- Run a report with multiple filters, set the first filter, and generate the share link from the above workflow.

- On the same report, set the second filter and run the report.

- Open the previously generated link to the report that should have the values from the first run. However, both filter 1 and filter 2 are set. It seems like the share link should only apply the first filter regardless of the cached filters from more recent runs.

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Hi Stephen,

Yes I agree with you, it looks like a bug because if you set both the 2 cached filters to have specific values and create the Share link, then that link always shows the 2 correct filter values (i.e. the values that were present at the time the link was created) regardless of the value of the filters the last time the report was run. The bug only occurs when one of the 2 filters isn't set to a specific value.

So I have raised a product defect, YFN-10074 so that this will be get fixed.

Thanks for alerting us to this bug and apologies for the the inconvenience caused by it.




Good Morning, Stephen

I hope you are well & having a lovely week so far :)

This ticket has now been passed over to me to provide updates and I have some positive news! - This defect has now been confirmed as fixed in the upcoming releases of Yellowfin :)

This includes version 8.0.8 and version 9.4

I hope this is good news for you !

I will go ahead and mark this ticket as Defect Fixed, however, if you would like me to continue providing updates in regards to when these releases will be officially available, then please let me know! It is completely up to you and I am happy either way.

Best Wishes,


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