Please widen the Schedule Management window

George Preston shared this idea 6 years ago

If a report name is over (roughly) 60 characters this causes the Last Run column to be hidden.

This restriction seems unnecessary because there is a lot of empty space to the right of the Schedule Management window, so the window itself could easily be widened:


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Hi George,

that's a very good idea, and seemingly very easily done! So I have created enhancement request YFN-10503 for it.

Thanks for the input!




Hey George,

I hope you are well!

Its been a while since this idea was created and this has since been passed to me to provide updates.

Good New - Looks like the schedule list box has now been made wider! :)

You will find this implemented into more recent versions of yellowfin -

I have tested this in the latest version 9.4.1


I will go ahead and mark this as complete - Please let me know if you have any further questions :)

Best Wishes,


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