Pages not loading in Chrome intermittently - Network tab shows large amounts of (cancelled) calls

Yellowfin FAQ shared this problem 4 years ago

Using Yellowfin 8.0.2 and unable to get content to load in Chrome, the loading indicator just continues to spin:


The Chrome Network tab shows the following;

Everything works fine in Chrome and Edge

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When running into the above issue, you're first step to test this both locally on the server, (using localhost) or simply connection to the YF server without using SSL.

If Yellowfin functions correctly with the above tests, then it's confirmation there are some incompatibilities with Chrome and your SSL integration.

There are numerous online articles on how to best address, though we have had success by changing the protocol used. By switching the APR class to NIO or NIO2 classes fixed the issue.

If you have any questions on this, or are still running into issues, please let us know.



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