Option to not scale out charts with one column to full screen size

Michael Johansen shared this idea 5 years ago
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Hi support

We are struggling a bit with simple challenge related to layered column charts. In cases with only one column, Yellowfin tend to scale out the with to full screen size, which doesn’t make sense (see attachment). Is it possible to have a max with of columns in order to avoid these scenaries? Perhaps also as global default setting?

I hereby forward recommendation for a feature request based on the challenge described below related to layered column having a maximum with since the layout according to attachment is not usable in cases with few columns.

I hope you can adjust that in future release.

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out to support with your idea. I think it's a good one! To reiterate, it sounds like you would like to be able to define a custom column width for your columns in a (layered) column chart.

As of current versions, it looks like there's a limited ability to set a margin for the horizontal axis in the axis style settings -


However, thie maximum Margin configuration still leaves a very "thick" column which may not be the desired outcome here -


I would see an enhancement request along the lines of including a similar "column width" option in this custom axis style configuration menu, would that be a good way to approach this issue for you?

Also, it looks like there is the ability to set default thickness for line charts in the content settings menu-


I'm thinking if there's a similar column width option that we implement in the chart settings, you'd also like to see the option here as a "column default?"





What is important here is that it should only be a MAX Column width. Auto scale should still be the case BUT only up to the MAX width value to avoid these situations. 

The quantaty of layerd columns depends of the data from the dataset. 

Global default should be available. 

Hope you can use the info. 


Venlig hilsen

Michael Johansen


Den 16. maj 2019 kl. 23.36 skrev Support Queue <support@yellowfin.bi>:


Hi Michael,

I've gone ahead and created an enhancement request for the ability to set a max column width for chart columns on your behalf. Updates to the request will be provided here as they are available. I will mark this ticket as Idea Logged for now; feel welcome to reply here with further inquiries.



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