Option to have the Conditional Format List appear at the top (or other areas)

Kalaiselvan shared this idea 12 months ago
Idea Logged

We require the option to have the Conditional Format List to be moved to the top (or left, right, bottom);


With this we can see that options like this are available however only within the filter formatting, see below as an example:


I think something like this would be good as an Idea to have this selectable.

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Hi Kalaiselvan,

Thanks for reaching out. We actually do have an enhancement request already logged internally that was submitted by one of our consultants.

I too think this is a good idea. I've gone ahead and added you to the client list in our internal task of those who'd like to see this functionality and I will leave this Idea ticket open so there's somewhere to reference this publicly.

Any potential updates regarding this will be posted here.